TypedRest for .NET 1.3.6
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TypedRest.ExceptionExtensions Class Reference

Provides extension methods for Exception. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static string GetFullMessage (this Exception exception)
 Concatenates the Exception.Messages of the entire Exception.InnerException tree.
static void SetHttpResponseHeaders (this Exception exception, HttpResponseHeaders headers)
 Stores HTTP response headers in the exception.
static ? HttpResponseHeaders GetHttpResponseHeaders (this Exception exception)
 Retrieves HTTP response headers from the exception.
static void SetHttpResponseBody (this Exception exception, string body)
 Stores an HTTP response body in the exception.
static ? string GetHttpResponseBody (this Exception exception)
 Retrieves an HTTP response body from the exception.
static async Task HttpRetryDelayAsync (this Exception exception, CancellationToken cancellationToken=default)
 Waits for the duration specified in Retry-After header if it was set.

Detailed Description

Provides extension methods for Exception.

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