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TypedRest.Http.PartialResponse< TEntity > Class Template Reference

Represents a subset of a set of elements. More...

Public Member Functions

 PartialResponse (IReadOnlyList< TEntity > elements, ContentRangeHeaderValue? range)
 Creates a new partial response. More...


IReadOnlyList< TEntity > Elements [get]
 The returned elements.
ContentRangeHeaderValue? Range [get]
 The range the Elements come from.
bool? EndReached [get]
 Indicates whether the response reaches the end of the elements available on the server.

Detailed Description

Represents a subset of a set of elements.

Template Parameters
TEntityThe type of element the response contains.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PartialResponse()

TypedRest.Http.PartialResponse< TEntity >.PartialResponse ( IReadOnlyList< TEntity >  elements,
ContentRangeHeaderValue?  range 

Creates a new partial response.

elementsThe returned elements.
rangeThe range the elements come from.

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