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TypedRest.Endpoints.Reactive.IPollingEndpoint< out out TEntity > Interface Template Reference

Endpoint for a resource that can be polled for state changes. More...

Inheritance diagram for TypedRest.Endpoints.Reactive.IPollingEndpoint< out out TEntity >:
TypedRest.Endpoints.Generic.IElementEndpoint< TEntity >

Public Member Functions

IObservable< TEntity > GetObservable ()
 Provides an observable stream of entity states. Compares entities using object.Equals(object) to detect changes.
- Public Member Functions inherited from TypedRest.Endpoints.Generic.IElementEndpoint< TEntity >
Task< bool > ExistsAsync (CancellationToken cancellationToken=default)
 Determines whether the element currently exists. More...
Task DeleteAsync (CancellationToken cancellationToken=default)
 Deletes the element. More...
Task< TEntity > ReadAsync (CancellationToken cancellationToken=default)
 Returns the TEntity . More...
Task< TEntity?> SetAsync (TEntity entity, CancellationToken cancellationToken=default)
 Sets/replaces the TEntity . More...
Task< TEntity?> MergeAsync (TEntity entity, CancellationToken cancellationToken=default)
 Modifies an existing TEntity by merging changes on the server-side. More...
Task< TEntity?> UpdateAsync (Action< TEntity > updateAction, int maxRetries=3, CancellationToken cancellationToken=default)
 Reads the current state of the entity, applies a change to it and stores the result. Applies optimistic concurrency using automatic retries. More...
Task< TEntity?> UpdateAsync (Action< JsonPatchDocument< TEntity > > patchAction, int maxRetries=3, CancellationToken cancellationToken=default)
 Applies a JSON Patch to the entity. Sends the patch instructions to the server for processing; falls back to local processing with optimistic concurrency if that fails. More...


TimeSpan PollingInterval [getset]
 The interval in which to send requests to the server. The server can modify this value using the "Retry-After" header.
- Properties inherited from TypedRest.Endpoints.Generic.IElementEndpoint< TEntity >
bool? DeleteAllowed [get]
 Shows whether the server has indicated that DeleteAsync is currently allowed. More...
TEntity? Response [get]
 A cached copy of the entity as received from the server.
bool? SetAllowed [get]
 Shows whether the server has indicated that SetAsync is currently allowed. More...
bool? MergeAllowed [get]
 Shows whether the server has indicated that MergeAsync is currently allowed. More...

Detailed Description

Endpoint for a resource that can be polled for state changes.

Template Parameters
TEntityThe type of entity the endpoint represents.
Type Constraints
TEntity :class 

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